UPCOMING EVENTS – August 2016 Recommended Personal & Professional Learning Opportunities Follow As life-long learners, you and I know our quest is continuous, always seeking that ‘next something’ to challenge, enrich, inspire and nourish our body, mind and spirit. What follows are some of my offerings and a few choice recommendations for your consideration. Offered by Amoráh Sharing knowledge and learning new things with like-minded others is an experience that gives me great delight; and not surprisingly, I learn new things alongside - as well as from - every participant. At times I’m also privileged to co-present with dear friends and colleagues, for which I’m eternally grateful. What follows are my upcoming classes or workshops. SEP 14, 2016-DEC 21, 2016 - ICF Competency Brush-Up Program - 16 ICF CCEs - this is a program I love engaging in with other coaches because it also helps me hone and refine the competencies in my own coaching. Please join me for this inspiring and fun adventure in advanced coach training, personal growth and professional development!
 FEB 10-12, 2017 - Birthing the True You Retreat - Mosswood Hollow Retreat Center, Duvall WA - Come play under the shimmering light of the magical Full Moon as we each birth our unique “True Self” through shared experiences, quiet contemplation, and transformative ritual. Interweaving the ancient Toltec wisdom of The Four Agreements, modern neuroscience, and intuitively guided activities and ceremonies, we immerse in the nurturing embrace of Mother Nature to expand our soul’s Essence and Light in community with like-mindeds. Co-leading with MaSanda LaRa Gadd, my amazing friend and respected colleague; her company is Heartvision. Stay...

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