Class Participant Results

“This was, for me, an amazing learning journey filled deep with understanding of all the nuances of every core competency. How lucky were we in the class to get an opportunity to re-learn them with the art, science AND wisdom of Amorah…There was madness too at times (!) and being able to witness the competencies being fully engaged by Amorah to empower any situation was a Master Class. Congratulations for delivering on what I signed up for and pushing the boundary of how it’s delivered. The structure of this course has been another valuable asset in being able to observe several perspectives of the same coaching situation.”
Saima Butt MCC

Principal, Change Advantage

“You will not find another coach, anywhere, that understands the ICF credentialing process better than Amoráh. She is not only in a mastery relationship with the process, she is a master coach extraordinaire! Amoráh’s class is worth every penny…sign up now!”
Donna Zajonc MCC

Director of Coaching and Practitioner Services, The Power of TED*

“This program helped me gain an understanding of the 11 competencies and to be able to distinguish the finer nuances of them at each of the three levels ACC, PCC and MCC. The program creates a safe place to learn and practice MCC level coaching and get useful feedback from Amoráh and fellow learners. The program design makes adult learning a truly joyful experience and if you want to learn the science, art and heart of coaching…this is the program for you!!”
Lina Nangalia MCC

Founder Director, Bangalore India,, Global Coach Trust

“Amoráh; You don’t just “model” the competencies and ethics, you truly do live them in all you say and do. And you do it with such compassion and understanding for those of us at our varying levels in the process; masterful. You held a bright, BIG, colorful umbrella over our space of the class and kept out all the unnecessary elements while allowing us to explore in the safety and solidarity of the experience. Your greatest hope has been fulfilled with me; I have definitely ‘taken my coaching to the next level’.”
Ann V. Deaton PhD, PCC

Leadership Coach, Managing Partner, We Can Bounce

“I demystified the strict view of the ICF competencies and learned in a good way the new mindset to conduct a mature coaching session. I could confirm and correct some vices and also introduced other competence into my coaching skill. Sharing with the group and with Amoráh, our effective mentor, helped me to confirm and be more confident with my skills.”
Maria Angelica Carneiro PCC

Executive Coach, Sao Paolo Brazil, Ecosocial

“It has been a deep honor to engage with a group of powerful coaches who come from varied backgrounds and are truly motivated to improve their coaching…I particularly liked that we were all different levels of experience in our coaching careers…it added contrast and learning for me individually and for the group as a whole. Amoráh is an incredibly skilled and insightful Mentor Coach who is both fearless and compassionate in her mentoring. Such a pleasure and an expanding experience.”
Linda Hardham, RN, MN, ACC

Executive Coach, Stearling Leadership Associates

“Great condensed program. You will get what you need in terms of mentor coaching and core competency hours and take your coaching to the next level. You will learn core competencies in a way that you did not before. It takes away the mystery out of core competencies and helps you understand why they are so important as well as tangible experience of how to incorporate them into your coaching.”
Shahrzad (Sherry) Bakhtian Ph.D. ACC

Spiritual Life Coach to Professionals in Transition, Bakhtian Creative Solutions

“The detailed coverage and explanation of the ICF CCCs as well as the many examples and demonstrations of each really anchored the learning for me.”
Marijke Bon Curtis CPC

Personal Empowerment Coach

“Observing and working with other coaching peers of various levels of experience broadened my understanding of coaching and how it is practiced. It helped me become more confident in my own personal coaching style as all styles are welcomed and celebrated.”
Nicolle Shanti CPC

Thrive Wellness Coaching

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