FULL MOON “Energy Soup” – AUGUST 2016

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The Latest “Energy Soup” Report Follows:

A full moon is always good time to honor and celebrate what you have achieved and what you have received and to focus on the fullness of life rather than any lack.  All full moons shed light on what has been in the shadows, and challenge us to integrate two seemingly opposite energies and areas of life and also illuminate the truth, including the consequences of our choices.

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse: August 18, 2016 at 2:26 AM Pacific Time

Since we’re inextricably interconnected to each other, to our planet, and to our universe, below are some of the energies we’re all swimming in together right now.

The Power Path ~ This is a good day for spontaneity, flexibility in your schedule, and being social with old friends or new ones. Do something different and say yes to some eccentric opportunity that may show up for you. If you have been working hard, take a break today. If you have been overly serious in your efforts to heal, balance, get your life on track and organize your work and your environment, take a break and focus on play for a change.

Stephanie Austin, EcoAstrology - The next full moon peaks on Thursday, August 18 at 2:26 AM PDT at 26º Aquarius-Leo. As the Moon comes into an exact opposition with the Sun, two seemingly opposed aspects of ourselves are highlighted. This full moon illuminates where we need to honor both our individuality and our interdependence; our personal creativity and the exponential power of collaboration…Your light, your consciousness, your love makes a difference. Each one of us has a piece of the celestial puzzle, a voice in the cosmic chorus, a role in the divine play. Use the power of this full moon and the coming weeks to take a big step forward on your soul path.

Madeline Gerwick, Business Astrologer, Polaris Business Guides ~ What’s coming to light at the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse on August 18th are changes, perhaps even unexpected or radical changes (Sun trine Uranus and Moon sextile Uranus). These changes may reflect changes in international relationships, but they may also reflect new technology changes. We’re also likely to get some unexpected news (Mercury conjunct Jupiter and both in conjunct Uranus)…This lunar eclipse is a minor one, with a primary meaning (Saros Cycle) related to becoming realistic or coming down to earth regarding an old situation. Instead of viewing it the way it was originally perceived, if you’re impacted by this eclipse, you’ll see the situation for what it really is. This eclipse occurs at 25 degrees and 52 minutes of Aquarius.

Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency ~ While this Full Moon eclipse will not turn a romantic copper-coloured red during this month-plus-long eclipse season (give or take a few days), the freedom-loving Full Aquarian Moon reflecting the bright light of the playful Leo Sun stills promises lots of fun and games. With a Full Moon that portends sudden zaps and flashes of inspiration into past-present-future action - especially in regards to one’s own uniqueness and creativity, the gifts one brings to organisations and group situations can enhance the sense of ‘oneness’…

JUL 26-AUG 22 is the “Magnetic Moon [Month] of Purpose” according to the Galactic Calendar –  its energies are UNIFY-ATTRACT-PURPOSE; its Totem Animal is BAT. “You are internally programmed to rise to your highest creative possibility.” ~ Marianne Williamson

August Theme - “Collaboration”

The Power Path - Lena & Jose Stevens:  Although the experiences you may have during the month could be as diverse as the population of the planet, the theme of COLLABORATION gets to the foundation of what is needed right now in everyone’s life if we are to set things up in the best way possible for a positive future. What is COLLABORATION? Collaboration is working in cooperation with others to achieve a common goal. [Read more…]


Mars Retrograde - Jun 26-Aug 27 2016 - Stephanie Austin, EcoAstrology - While retrograde in Sagittarius, Mars summons us to re-examine our most fundamental assumptions, question our strategies, and realign with our higher Self. Are we living our life purpose? Are we walking our talk? Where do we need to take a leap of faith?

Saturn-Neptune Squares –  Sep 10 2016 - Stephanie Austin, EcoAstrology - This Saturn–Neptune square is part of a larger synodic cycle of 36 years. Squares mark important turning points; these are waning squares, considered by Dane Rudhyar ‘a crisis in consciousness,’ where we must re-orient ourselves and release forms which no longer support our growth…Saturn–Neptune squares challenge us to manifest from our essence rather than our ego, and to follow our intuition and inner guidance rather than external authority and convention. We are summoned to spiritual maturity, which entails letting go of martyrdom and victim mentality, blame and guilt, addictions and illusions. By making more time and space in our lives to connect with our higher self, we are able to see where we have been in denial, where we have abdicated our power, and how we can instead live with both integrity and vision, pragmatism and faith. As we engage more with nature, meditation, and the wisdom of our heart, we see through the fears and beliefs that block us from embodying our truth…

Some ways to work with this ongoing Saturn-Neptune square:

  • Simplify. Less can be more—more time, less hassle.
  • Prioritize. A powerful mantra: What is most important in this moment?
  • Set realistic goals. Make reminders of what is most important to you.
  • Listen to your body. Aches, pains, illness are are messages that we need to make a change.
  • Pay attention to your dreams. Both day and night dreams provide valuable pointers.
  • Give yourself daily soul time. Meditate, do art, play music, dance, journal, walk, etc.
  • Be completely honest. Tell the truth always, with compassion for all concerned.
  • “Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty” (Anne Herbert)
  • Be in gratitude. Thankfulness opens the heart and the way for more blessings to come.
  • And most importantly: “Practice responding to every emotion or thought of fear, anger, resistance, shame, judgement, excitement, or whatever with one word–“interesting”, asking yourselves; “What am I believing that is making me feel this way, is it true?

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