Mentor Client Results

“It has been a deep honor to engage with a group of powerful coaches who come from varied backgrounds and are truly motivated to improve their coaching practice. I particularly liked that we were all at different levels of experience in our coaching careers - I think it added contrast and learning for me individually and for the group as a whole.  Amoráh is an incredibly skilled and insightful mentor who is both fearless and compassionate in her mentoring. Such a pleasure and an expanding experience!”

Linda Hardham, ACC, Executive Coach

Washington State

“Regardless of your level of coaching and experience, this program offers an opportunity to grow and learn. I understand better the richness of the core coaching competencies and how to make them real in a flowing, powerful coaching session.”

Ann V. Deaton, PhD, PCC, Leadership Coach


“My learning journey with Amorah was enjoyable and very enlightening since Amorah was not only brushing-up my “doing” as Coach based on ICF competency. More importantly, she was also working into my “being” as Coach, skillfully and empathetically.  For anybody who is aspiring to become a Coach or wants to sharpen your knowledge and skill of ICF Competency at Professional and Mastery level, plus strengthening your inner-being as Coach, find Amorah and join her program.”

Heru Yuwono Liem, MCC


“Amoráh, thank you for the competent and complete feedback and the direct, yet gentle, guidance. I appreciate your help as a mentor, giving me a sounding board for questions beyond the competencies.”

M. K.


“Amoráh, I want to thank you for your incredible ability to guide me to be the best that I can be, recognizing both the strengths and areas of growth, supporting the spreading of my wings even more, and cheering me on as I begin to fly on my own, all the while accepting me as I am, while envisioning who I can become.”

R. F.


“Amoráh brings a wealth of skill, experience, and expertise to the Brush Up training.  I found the training, mentor coaching, and resource sets extremely useful and encouraging as I moved from PCC to MCC credentialing.  She is a true encourager, teacher and coach!”

E. H.

North Carolina

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