Professional Development

Mentor Coaching & ICF Credentialing
Your choice of group or individual mentoring programs
All individual mentor Coaching series start with a 60-minute Foundation session

The Trilogy

  • three (3) mentor feedback sessions
  • paced at your convenience.
  • Investment: $850.00

Perfect for enhancing your professional skillset and coaching efficacy.

The Quintet

  • five (5) mentor feedback sessions
  • paced at your convenience.
  • Investment: $1,100.00

For a deeper dive into your professional skills development and self-awareness as a coach.

The Full Meal Deal

  • focused application
  • ten (10) mentor feedback sessions
  • spaced to allow for practice & integration.
  • Investment: $2,100.00

When professional development leans toward ICF credentialing.

Why Mentor Coaching?

Developing professional skills takes time, and the process benefits from partnering with a fully trained, empowering and highly experienced mentor coach.

Moving through the ICF professional levels with the guidance and expertise of an ICF credentialing assessor greatly leverages the time it takes to move through the ICF professional levels from ACC, through PCC and on to MCC.


Enjoy a safe and dynamic learning environment that provides opportunities for you to experience extraordinary support while using new skills.

Experience the seamless transfer of knowledge, articulating vital ideas and relevant points that lead to your increased skills and expanded artistry in coaching.

Experience a mutually-designed learning environment that preserves your dignity, allowing you to explore the impact of your choices as a coach in any given coaching session.


The in-depth development of core coaching competencies, as identified by ICF, through honest, direct, yet tactful feedback on your coaching proficiency.

At the end of the mentoring cycle, documentation necessary for verification is provided. Use this documentation as part of your credentialling submission to the ICF.

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