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There is some confusion in the mind of the general public about professional coaching as defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF) - please see FAQs.

Many people believe it is similar to the athletic model of coaching, which means the coach is the expert and the client is told what to do in order to be more successful. Because of this misconception, a large number of folks out there are calling themselves ‘coach’ without having been specifically trained in this emerging profession. The coaches using the athletic model of coaching are most likely providing consulting, counseling, advisory, and/or mentoring services rather than ICF coaching.

My 565+ hours of ICF approved coach-specific training and more than 5,000 hours of client experience ensures that you, the client, receive the expertise of your coach in the form of powerful questions and respectful, non-judgmental observations to draw out your innate wisdom and creativity. Research shows that solutions and actions sourced from within lead to the most sustainable change for the better.

As you interview for a coach or a mentor coach, please be sure to ask for their specific training and credentials in the coaching profession.

Coach-Specific Training and Certifications:

‣ Member, International Coach Federation (ICF), 1997-Present

‣ Foundations Coaching Course, Coaches Training Institute (CTI), 1997

‣ Certified Living Your Vision® Licensed Facilitator, LYV Enterprises Inc., 1998

‣ Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Academy for Coach Training, 1999

‣ Certified TeleClass Leader, TeleClass International, 2004

‣ Certified Discover Your Vision™ Licensed Facilitator, Academy for Coach Training, 2005

‣ Certified Now What? Life Blueprint™ Facilitator, The Life Blueprint™ Institute, 2005

‣ ICF Professional Certified Coach designation (PCC), 1999-2005

‣ ICF Master Certified Coach designation (MCC), 2005-present

‣ ICF Credentialing Assessor, International Coach Federation, 2005-2015

‣ Coaching Leaders in Organizations Training, inviteCHANGE, 2008

‣ Certified Mentor Coach, inviteCHANGE, 2009 (I also designed this first-of-its-kind course)

‣ Systemic Coaching Certification, John Whittington-Coaching Constellations, 2014

‣ Neuroscience, Consciousness & Transformational Coaching,, 2015

Coaching Professional Activities:

‣ ICF Global Standards Core Team, 2012-2014

‣ inviteCHANGE Senior Trainer, Curriculum Designer and Mentor Coach, 1999-2014

‣ inviteCHANGE Director of Training, 2005-2008

‣ ACTO (Association of Coach Training Organizations) Board Member and President-Elect, 2005-2009

‣ inviteCHANGE Co-Owner, 2006-2010

‣ ICF Credentialing & Program Accreditation Committee Member, 2007-2011

‣ ICF Credentialing & Program Accreditation Committee Vice-Chair, 2010

‣ ICF Credentialing & Program Accreditation Committee Chair, Q1 2011

‣ ICF Washington State Chapter Board Member: Director of Programs, Credentialing and Education, 2010-2014

‣ ICF Washington State Chapter LIFE COACH OF THE YEAR 2012

‣ ICF Washington State Chapter Recipient, ACES AWARD 2014 [Advancing Coaching Excellence & Service]



Book 2008, Roadmap to Success: America’s Top Intellectual Minds Map Out Successful Business Strategies, various articles on strategies & tools for personal and professional success, co-authored with BJ Levy, PCC


May 2013 Coaching World Magazine, “The Heart & Soul of a Mentor Coach”

Sep 2012 choice Magazine, “Enhance Your Coaching Excellence through Mentor Coaching”

Sep 2011 choice Magazine, “Gateway to Coaching Artistry”

Aug 2010 choice Magazine e-Newsletter  Confessions of a Mentor Coach: The Power of the ‘Pure’ Coaching Process”, 4-part series, co-authored with Janet Harvey, MCC


August 2011 choice Magazine Multi-Media Expert Teleclass Series, “There’s No Such Thing as ‘Not Applicable’: Turbo-Charge Your Coaching Using ALL Core Competencies EVERY Session” [along with Janet Harvey, MCC]

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