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New Moon is a time to create your visions, setting new intentions & goals. It is the time of a new cycle & bringing focus & awareness on positive & loving intentions; raises your frequency; and allows you to create what you dream about. Start fresh and positive!

New Moon: September 30, 2016 at 5:11 PM Pacific Time Zone

Since we’re inextricably interconnected to each other, to our planet, and to our universe, below are some of the energies we’re all swimming in together right now.

The Power Path, Lena & Jose Stevens ~ This is the second New Moon of this month; it is an anchor point, a reset, an acknowledgement of your intent and actions, and sets up your focus for the next few weeks. It is a beautiful and very benign New Moon and offers us a chance to expand our dreams and to be inspired by what is possible. Pay attention to what comes into your life during this moon as it will be a major influence in the weeks to come. It is a good time for receiving gifts, basking in beauty, and being generous with your energy and creativity. Celebrate it by doing something really wonderful for yourself.

Stephanie Austin, EcoAstrology ~ The next new moon forms on Friday, September 30 at 5:11 PM PDT at 8º Libra. It’s time to catch our breath and check our spiritual compass. We’ve experienced a lot of shifts in the past few weeks — two eclipses, the third Saturn-Neptune square, the equinox, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter changing signs, plus Mercury and Pluto turning direct — which have forced us to question our assumptions, heal old wounds, and re-dedicate ourselves to what’s most important. With the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter in Libra, our attention turns toward how we are balancing our desire for connection with our need for freedom. The first six signs of the zodiac focus on our personal development. The seventh sign brings us to the interpersonal, the art of relationship, which is much like a partner dance. How well we can lead and follow reveals how assertive and responsive, controlling or compliant we are in everyday life. The adage “It takes two to tango” implies that interacting with another person is a co-creative, equal exchange. We must be both yin and yang, centered inside ourselves yet tuned into each other, all the while responding to the rhythm of life.

Madeline Gerwick, Business Astrologer, Polaris Business Guides ~ On September 30th we have the second New Moon of the month at 8:13 pm Eastern time (the first one occurred on September 1st at the Solar Eclipse). What’s getting started at this New Moon are power issues, but chances are good you won’t see them right away (Sun and Moon square Pluto, with Sun and Moon intercepted). Give them a week or two to “ripen” and then you should start seeing them. Fortunately, there’s also an opportunity for stable, responsible leadership (Sun and Moon sextile Saturn). Plus we’re still in range of the high-growth cycle (Sun conjunct Jupiter), which is helpful at this point. As we head into October, the financial markets are showing some unclear and unexpected adjustments, but they all appear to be hidden in some way (Intercepted Sun and Moon inconjunct Neptune and Mercury inconjunct Uranus in the 12th house and intercepted). Whatever is happening in the bond markets looks doubly hidden behind closed doors, and you can’t even find the door! Plus those power issues also have a negative impact on the financial markets, but it’s not as strong at the moment. Of course we’re into the final stages of the Presidential Election and that can certainly explain the power issues and why they’re making the financial markets skittish. More prominent though is that we’re now attempting to do too much with too little time, money or energy (or all three!). This is Mars square Jupiter and with Jupiter in Libra, wanting to balance things, this doesn’t feel good. Mars in Capricorn wants to be effective and strategic in the actions it takes. If you make that your criteria for prioritizing what you get done, it will work better. This cycle peaks on October 5th and stays in range through October 19th. Remember to focus on one task at a time!

Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency ~ Pluto is asking us to look at our relationship to power and how we might use our empowerment in our relationships. This is our moment to free ourselves from any ties that bind, and any attachments we have that might limit our potential to embody our soul’s truth. It is also the time to look at how we are communicating our truth to others. Are we are wielding our double edged sword with kindness? Love is the most powerful force we have and when we are attuned to the energy of the heart, we are able to communicate most effectively from our heart space.

SEP 20-OCT 17 is the “Electric Moon [Month] of Service” according to the Galactic Calendar –  its energies are ACTIVATE-BOND-SERVICE; its Totem Animal is DEER. “Love is our true essence…we are all beads strung together on the same thread of love. To awaken this unity, and to spread the love that is our inherent nature to others - this is the true aim of human life.” ~ Ammachi

October Theme - “Balance”

The Power Path - Lena & Jose Stevens: We have been through several months of ups and downs, emotional extremes, fits and starts, breakthroughs and changes, despairs and elations, successes and failures. We are a little road weary and slightly hyper vigilant about “keeping it all together”. So the theme this month is BALANCE because that is what we all desperately need at this time and the influences of the times support it. [Read more…]


Fall Equinox and Preview of Q4 –  Sep-Dec 2016 - Madeline Gerwick, Polaris Business Guides

The Fall Equinox chart, or the first day of fall, gives us a good preview for the last quarter of the year. This occurs on September 22nd at 10:22 AM Eastern / 7:22 AM Pacific. The energies for this day have an impact until the December 21st Winter Solstice arrives.

The most noticeable energy in the chart is related to new starts that have high growth (Sun conjunct Jupiter in Libra). Situations that require balance and justice can also get started under this cycle. This also highlights the Election this year, since Jupiter also represents the Constitution and the Sun represents leaders.

A second set of cycles (Mars square Jupiter and the Sun) suggests there are lots of fortunate actions to take, but not enough time, money, and energy to do them all. In order to make the most of those fortunate actions, you need to work on them one at a time. Otherwise, you’ll be spread too thin. Then it’s likely to unravel and you’ll end up accomplishing very little.

At this time the stock markets look like they’re operating in fear, and probably edging down. There’s some help for stocks at this time, but it may not be enough to push them up. The cycle related to dissolving structures is still very close at this time and it’s impacting stocks. Oil and pharmaceuticals look like they’re down. Sports and sporting goods look that way too. The bond markets look down as well.

On this day, Mercury stops to change direction and move forward again. So by this point we should have a clear idea what our needs really are, and most likely a plan to meet them. It’s common to change your mind about something as this occurs, and we may move forward with a decision we previously decided against or put on hold.

As this cycle ends, Mercury is in an excellent energy, which is ideal for communicating with either powerful people or organizations, or talking to the masses (Mercury trine Pluto). This cycle is also excellent for getting to the truth, and uncovering hidden agendas or scandals.

At this time, we’re still moving past some unexpected expenses and perhaps some surprising relationship issues (Venus opposite Uranus). In addition, there’s still plenty of volatile energy for making major breakthroughs (Mars trine Uranus) and a sense of knowing how to get what you want (Venus sextile Mars).

Those cycles, combined with a set of cycles showing the public feels wounded and angry (Moon opposite Mars and both square Chiron), [which will likely affect the November elections].

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