Professional Coaching for Life, Career & Business

There are many situations in your life where professional coaching can be effective:

  • You are seeking better balance between your work and life priorities for greater joy & fulfillment
  • The dream job that you once thought was your ‘forever’ career has just evaporated and you’re feeling direction-less
  • Your romantic relationship has ended and you want to move on aligned with your most cherished values about relationship and commitment
  • You’re dealing with an ’empty nest’ and are unsure Who you want to be now that your role of ‘parent’ is not needed in the same way
  • You are suddenly facing a crisis of health, attitude, or even faith

It may be as simple as realizing that you find yourself asking some version of, “Is this all there is?”, and desire more excitement or adventure in your life

Regardless of the circumstance, you’re sure about one thing; maintaining the status quo is no longer acceptable - you’re ready to make changes.

Awareness is the key to to sustainable change as you gain greater clarity about who you are at your core and what your life purpose is.

Professional coaching promotes awareness through a self-discovery process that expands your self knowledge and deepens your inner connection to your core values.

Our relationship is based on stepping into the waters of awareness in confidential individual sessions conducted by telephone or online within one of these frameworks. As the start for all frameworks we visit The Lake.

The Lake

Imagine we are sitting together in the warm summer sun on a dock extending out over a placid lake. Our conversation illuminates what is most important to you to ensure your success.  This session lays the foundational cornerstones for our partnership. Our conversation lasts 90 min - 2 hours. $250 (paid when we complete our coaching agreement)

The Brook

Two 30 min sessions per month (preceded by our visit to The Lake)


The Creek

Three 30 min sessions per month (preceded by our visit to The Lake)


The River

Three 40 min sessions per month (preceded by our visit to The Lake)


The Ocean

Two 60 min sessions per month (preceded by our visit to The Lake)


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