Personal Coaching Client Results

Vice President of international commercial property management firm coached to step into management of the firm’s first branch office; he said, “I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in my self-confidence. You’ve helped me recognize and fully utilize my personal attributes and to capitalize on them.”

Sales Training Manager, international medical conglomerate, coached through emotional currents of spousal infidelity, subsequent divorce and corporate merger leading to layoff. She successfully shifted relationship patterns, learned to trust her own intuitive wisdom and completed a long-sought-after Bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Facilities Manager of major city sports facility coached to land dream position as Facilities Director of civic and convention center; he successfully competed with many applicants already holding similar positions and negotiated $8K annual salary increase.

Divorce attorney coached to transition from legal career to professional coaching practice and workshop leadership. She successfully left legal career, obtained her own divorce and relocated to a long-dreamed-of southwest location. Is currently building and maintaining a full coaching client practice, is hosting a radio show plus delivering and developing workshops and seminars.

Wellness practitioner coached through divorce from first intention through final decree; she maintained alignment with personal values of integrity, honesty and fairness. She also gained assets and monetary settlement commensurate with many years of marriage, business partnership and dedicated child-rearing; successfully expanded homeopathic wellness practice.

In my client’s own words

“Amoráh, thank you for the competent and complete feedback and the direct, yet gentle, guidance. I appreciate your help as a mentor, giving me a sounding board for questions beyond the competencies.”
M. K.


“Amoráh, I want to thank you for your incredible ability to guide me to be the best that I can be, recognizing both the strengths and areas of growth, supporting the spreading of my wings even more, and cheering me on as I begin to fly on my own, all the while accepting me as I am, while envisioning who I can become.”
R. F.


“I look back over my relationship with Amorah as my coach and I am amazed at the personal and professional growth I have experienced. I have moved, bought my own home, found a great job, and have made new friends. I am grateful for Amoráh. I feel my coaching relationship with Amoráh has given me the kick-start to grow and be the best person that I can be!”
A. M.


“Amoráh Ross has been my trusted advocate, champion, and coach for the past 18 months. In that time, she has supported nothing less than a complete transformation of my life, my relationships, and my balance. She has co-created profoundly sacred space with me where I know I am safe to explore my deepest shadows, celebrate my goofiest wins, mourn my losses, and figure out what is most important to me. She masterfully guides me to my deepest truths and internal wisdom. She then gracefully, and powerfully, holds me accountable to what I have said I want.”
R. D.


“I think of you often and the tools that I learned to utilize from your coaching has continued to move me forward as new opportunities present themselves. My quick move up the corporate ladder while I was at Safeway was a direct result of your guidance and coaching tools. Having the ability to become clear about my desires has helped the right opportunities to show up and become available to me.”
M. D.

Seattle, WA

“Perhaps what most impresses me about Amoráh is that she is such an attentive listener. She hears not only what I am saying, but intuitively grasps the subtext – those issues that lie beneath my conscious awareness. She then gently guides me to those deeper levels of awareness, encouraging me to look at them in an objective manner. She proficiently communicates with me on terms that I best relate, then offers constructive suggestions of ‘possibilities’ acceptable to my character and personality. She empowers me to move forward in a context that aligns with my core values. No less important are her skill sets applicable to addressing issues relevant to the business sector. I find her ability to both navigate the emotional landscape and the professional landscape exceedingly effective, as her melding of these two strongly assists me toward empowerment that crosses multiple areas of my life. Lastly, it has been my observation that Amoráh is passionate about coaching, always improving her skills so that she grows as a coach; making ever-more effective impacts for her clients.”
T. M.


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