At last, we coaches have a way to describe coaching that is grounded in solid research - I’ve been waiting for it for 20 years and am honored to have been one of the visionaries to birth this resource!

When I first began my training with Ann Betz PCC and BeAboveLeadership in their Neuroscience, Consciousness & Transformation Coaching program during 2015, I was excited to have new information and tools to share with my clients!

As a professional coach, this meant that I could include information that allowed my clients to have a greater understanding of their ‘internal operating system’ so they could make more informed choices about their work and life than ever before.

The science behind how our brain functions also explains the purpose behind each of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Coaching Competencies. Not only that, it explains why each skill is important as a catalyst for achieving sustainable behavioral changes, not only for our clients but for ourselves as well.

Lightbulbs were going off in my head one after the other!

I approached Ann with my vision to expand understanding of the coaching process by correlating her neuroscience knowledge with my expertise in the ICF competencies and I must say it was a privilege to work with her. After a nine-month gestation period and uncountable hours spent in research, writing, editing, double-checking, collaborating, and co-creation, we were delighted to announce that our e-Book had been birthed: THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON COACHING: The Neuroscience of the ICF Coaching Competencies.

Having designed our book primarily as a desk reference for coaches, we launched it during a plenary session at the ICF Midwest Conference in June 2016. To our delight, the book was enthusiastically received.

We believe it to be a useful resource for anyone partnering with others in personal or professional development. It has proven for many to be a valuable tool for their practice and life.

The book was recently revised to align with the newly-adopted ICF competency model and continues to be relevant even in the face of advancements and discoveries in the realm of Neuroscience.

Here’s what participants in the 2016 ICF Midwest Conference plenary session said they learned about neuroscience & coaching, and how they can now describe it to others:

Coaching opens the brain to learning and forming new neural pathways.

Neuroscience-based coaching gives many entrances into cognitive processes. Soft skills are important and key to optimizing hard skills – based on various physical locations and biochemical transmitters.

Neuroscience supports coaching by:
1. Giving a reason for lasting change
2. Legitimizing the process
3. Explaining with our logical/scientific mind why coaching works.

The last 10 years of emerging neuroscience supports the core principles that leaders in the coaching industry have studied and observed empirically.

Coaching + Neuroscience = Driving with GPS
* How Neuroscience supports Coaching:
1. Leverages how the client works naturally to achieve goals
2. It helps explain many of the things we have experienced but did not have words to express.
3. Provides words to explain emotions.

Coaching is an opportunity to create client awareness of their unique brain power and how to engage it optimally to achieve goals & aspirations.

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